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 2019 Tournament Committee

Members:  Laura Ritchie, Shelley Austin, Earla Goodbrand, Lesley Durham-McPhee 

Mandate:  Develop and publish tournament calendar for the year.  Encourage participation in tournament play.  Manage registrations, drawmaster and rules.


2019 Tournament Winners

Adkins Financial

 1st Place; Frank Pring, Kathy Smith, Jan McLean (Ancaster)

2nd Place: Carol Isidore, Maureen Francella,  Avril Baker (Burlington)

3rd Place: Derek McKie, John Duguay, Nick Head (Ancaster)

4th Place: Sara Deebank, Liz Dawson, Maureen Donaldson (Burlington) 

Roy Steedman

1st Place: Frank Pring, Lock Morgan, Dorothy Morgan (Ancaster)

2nd Place: Jim Smith, Larry Hewitt, Deana Palmer (Woodstock)

3rd Place: Kathy Smith, Brad Fleming, Nancy Fleming (Ancaster)

4th Place: Peter Kurn, Glen Keene, Lesley Kurn (Stratford)

5th Place: Kevin Deebank, Sara Deebank, Alternates (St. George) 

 Dave Ritchie Memorial

 Frst place: Frank Pring & Kathy Smith (Ancaster);

2nd: Bruce & Linda Smith (Burlington);

3rd: Julia Farrell & Shirley Vidler (Burlington);

4th: Peter & Lesley Kurn (Stratford);

Single game high score: Tilley Mannen & Tim Jones (St. George).

 Food Town, Willie Morley (Remax)

1. George Menzies, Julia Farrell, Shirley Vidley (Burlington)

2.  Matt Kolenc, Wendy English, John Casey

3. Tim Jones, Jan McLean, Ken Robinson (St. George)

4. Larry Chaput, Dan Greener, Pat Beaumont (Heritage Greens)


The Dragon Sports Bar - Open Triples, each team must have 2 Novices

1. Joe Godwin, Tim Jones, Ken Robinson - 3 wins, 46 + 6

2. Joan Way, Theresa Kennedy, Josephine McLean - 3 wins,  38

3. Kevin Deebank, Sara Deebank, Liz Dawson - 2 wins, 41

4. Remi Canuel, Marion Brunton, Val King - 2 wins, 41

5. Laura Ritchie, Lesley Durham-McPhee, Kim Durham-McPhee - 1 win, 38


Malcolm Memorial Trophy 

  1. Peter and Lesley Kurn of Stratford placed first with 2 wins and a score of 40+6 – winners of the Malcolm Memorial Trophy
  2. Frank Pring and Kathy Smith, Ancaster, 2 wins and a score of 39+4
  3. Sara Deebank and Kevin Deebank, St. George, 2 wins and a score of 30
  4. John Kingsley and Karen Jackson, Woodstock, one win and a score of 28+3
  5. Matt Kolenc and Wendy English, Simcoe, one win, high aggregate, score 26+3      



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